August 14, 2013

Whether you’re aiming for a gig as a work-from-home UX consultant or as a work-from-cube web designer, any modern job search requires more than just a resume and portfolio.

Let our Digital Zookeeper (and veteran recruiter) Tiffany Jennings reveal how you can make yourself more appealing to employers by using some savvy tricks of social media trade.

Tune in to hear the how and why of using these 5 essential social media job hunting tips.

  1. Use keywords
  2. Google yourself
  3. Connect with potential employers
  4. Mind your manners
  5. Keep it human

Check out the video and and we look forward to seeing your Twitter feed!

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Comments (2)

That looked like a lot of fun to produce :)
Carolyn Hyams, Wed., August 14, 8:52 PM
Thanks, Carolyn... It was!
Tim Donnelly, Mon., August 19, 2:04 PM

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